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TS Audio/Video​ Company

TS Audio/Video Company is an Ontario based business that understands the importance of integrating advanced audio and video technology into the lives of everyday citizens. Our solutions help to improve your premises' security and functionality. Our dedicated team of professionals not only understand your basic needs, we are also knowledgeable in effectively utilizing advanced technologies including: automation and control applications, custom integration, and various other types of security and low voltage technology. When you contact one of our experienced  team members, you can discuss how these, and other tools can be used to improve your property whether residential, commercial or industrial.


TS Audio/Video is Ontario's leader in advanced, customized audio/video solutions, security and integration for residential, commercial and industrial applications.


Our installation technicians are Ontario's finest! Do not settle for an inexperienced technician when utilizing high quality products. Each installation is unique and therefore these products should be installed by a professional to achieve the highest quality installation. Our knowledgeable technicians will ensure you receive a quality installation and a full run through of your new system so you know you are fully protected and are aware of how all functions work.